Archive of CSHPM Student Paper Award Recipients

The CSHPM Award is an annual prize to be presented for the best student paper published in the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting.

2018: Aurélien Jarry, L'equivalence duale de categories: a third way of analogy?

2017: Eamon Darnell and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc, Takeuti’s Well-Ordering Proof: is it Fine, Finitistically?

2016: Paul McEldowney, Bolzano against Kant's Pure Intuition

2015: No award given

2014: Sylvia Nickerson, Mathematics for the World: Publishing Mathematics and the International Book Trade, Macmillan and Co.

2013: Robert H. C. Moir, Rational Discovery of the Natural World: An Algebro-Geometric Response to Steiner