Cover of the Annals of the CSHPM/SCHPM



The Annals of the CSHPM/SCHPM

Since 1988, members of the Society who presented papers at the summer Annual Meeting had the opportunity to publish their work in the society's Proceedings. While earlier editions of the Proceedings were produced by the CSHPM directly, starting in 2014 the Proceedings were published by Birkhauser and available in both eBook and print formats. Beginning in 2019, the Proceedings have been renamed the Annals.

Research in History and Philosophy of Mathematics: The CSHPM 2019-2020 Volume is now available for purchase on the Springer website in eBook and Hardcover formats.

The current editors of the Annals are Maria Zack and David Waszek.

The table of contents for each previous volume of the Proceedings or Annals can be found in the online Society Archives.