Cover Page of the CMS Notes





The Canadian Mathematical Society has invited the CSHPM/SCHPM to contribute a regular column, "CSHPM Notes," to their official newsletter, the CMS Notes. [You can click here to see the archive of all past columns.] The column will present descriptions of current scholarship and perspectives on the history and philosophy of mathematics from members of our society to the wider Canadian mathematical community.

All CSHPM members are invited to contribute. Columns can cover your own scholarly work or work familiar to you in other spheres; they can focus on single themes or offer broad surveys. The columns should be rougly 1200-1800 words in length, plus a 1–2 sentence biographical note. Illustrations are helpful. The content must be accessible to a general audience of mathematicians, so the columns provide a great opportunity to explain some aspect of your current research in nontechnical language or to suggest how your work might be utilized in teaching mathematics and its history and philosophy. Submissions in Microsoft Word format are preferred, but we can also work with LaTeX if symbolism is essential to your topic.

To submit a column, ask questions, or make suggestions, please contact the editors, Amy Ackerberg-Hastings and Hardy Grant.