CSHPM Online Colloquium - List of Past Speakers

The Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics established an online colloquium series beginning in the summer of 2020. Below is a list of past speakers in the series.

24 July 2020 (1)
KARINE CHEMLA, Research Director at the CNRS and SPHERE unit at Université de Paris, and Professor on a Guest Chair at Jiaotong University, Shanghai
“The shaping and reshaping of languages and texts for mathematical activity. Views from China”

7 August 2020 (2)
BRENDA DAVISON, Simon Fraser University
“Divergent series and Numeric Computation” 

21 August 2020 (3)
JAMIE TAPPENDEN, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
“Frege on Computation and Deduction: Herbart, Fischer and ‘Aggregative, Mechanical Thinking’”

4 September 2020 (4)
JEAN-PIERRE MARQUIS, Université de Montréal
“On Mathematical Style”

25 September 2020 (5)
“On Counting as Mathematical Progress: Kuratowski-Zorn's Lemma and the Path Not Taken”

23 October 2020 (6)
“Debate on the 1924 Toronto International Mathematical Congress”

27 November 2020 (7)
SILVIA DE TOFFOLI, Princeton University
“A Fallibilist Account of Mathematical Justification” 

11 December 2020 (8)
NIKITA AGARWAL, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research 
“Life and works of Maryam Mirzakhani – The Master Artist of Curved Surfaces”

18 December 2020 (9)
ANDREW ABERDEIN, Florida Institute of Technology
“Straight from the Book: Erdős and the aesthetics of proof”

15 January 2021 (10)
DORA MUSIELAK, University of Texas at Arlington
“Prime Mystery: Sophie Germain and Fermat’s Last Theorem”

19 February 2021 (11)
DAVID WASZEK, McGill University
“Notational differences, exploration and discovery in mathematics” 

12 March 2021 (12)
LAUREN SIEGEL, MathHappens Foundation
“Primary sources and mathematical artifacts can inspire creative presentations for outreach projects” 

7 May 2021 (13)
EMMYLOU HAFFNER, Laboratoire de mathématiques d'Orsay & Fondation Jacques Hadamard 
“What we can learn from Dedekind’s drafts and how to navigate such a corpus”

21 May 2021 (14)
JEMMA LORENAT, Pitzer College 
“‘To advance mathematics’: evidence for women’s intellectual ambition in the Bryn Mawr graduate program and abroad”

18 June 2021 (15)
DAVID BELLHOUSE, Western University (emeritus)
“William Playfair’s Statistical Graphs”

17 September 2021 (16)
JAMES ROBERT BROWN, University of Toronto (emeritus)
“Mathematical Evidence”

22 October 2021 (17)
ZOE ASHTON, The Ohio State University
“Each Another’s Audience: A Rhetorical Account of Rigor”

28 January 2022 (18)
ROBERT BRADLEY, Adelphi University 
“The Marquis’ Beak”

25 February 2022 (19)
GILLMAN PAYETTE, University of Calgary
“A View of Logic from Applied Mathematics”

01 April 2022 (20)
JEFFREY OAKS, University of Indianapolis
“How to Think Like a Medieval Algebraist”

22 July 2022 (21)
XIMENA CATAPILLÁN, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
“Ethnomathematics and Kinship Systems”

23 September 2022 (22)
TERESA KOURI, Dominion University
“Stebbing and Common Sense”

28 October 2022 (23)
RICHARD ZACH, University of Calgary
“Hilbert's program and infinity”

18 November 2022 (24)
JEAN-CHARLES PELLAND, University of Bergen
“Which Numeral is that? On notational privilege”

10 March 2023 (25)
THOMAS ARCHIBALD, Simon Fraser University
“Hermite and Analysis”

5 June 2023 (26)
PATRICIA BLANCHETTE, University of Notre Dame
“Conceptual Analysis and Logic in the Foundations of Mathematics”

21 July 2023 (27)
MÉLANIE FRAPPIER, University of King's College
“'Minding the Gap': Sophie Germain and the relation between mathematics, philosophy of mind, and gender equality”

CSHPM/HOM-SIGMAA Online Colloquium - List of Past Speakers

Starting in September 2023, the CSHPM Colloquium is a joint undertaking with HOM-SIGMAA. Below is a list of past speakers in the new series.

22 September 2024 (01)
JESSIE HALL, University of Toronto
"Computing machines and the implementation of abstract automata"